Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Overheard converstaion

This morning I was at McDonalds feeding my iced coffee with hazelnut addition when I over heard two workers say:
Worker1: When's your birthday?
Worker2: July 10th
Worker1: Wow, next month, it's soon.
Worker2: No the month after next
Worker1: (eyes glazed in confusion)
Worker2: It goes May, June THEN July.
Worker1: Ohhhh...

And I wonder why I "accidently" get charged for 100 chicken nuggets instead of 20.


  1. That seems about right given the setting. Sad and scary all at the same time, isnt it?

  2. Maybe the workers should have a iced coffee before staring their shifts. I think their brains need a jump start.

  3. Ya there's a reason they were working at McDonalds