Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hey BFF!!!!

I am going to assume that when you suggested that I read "The Ishbane Conspiracy" that you did not know there was a book preceding it. I can't imagine that you of all people would miss lead me so. Do you recall how Foulgrin was searching for Squaltaint? I know its been awhile since you read it... but in book one, titled Lord Foulgrins Letters, Squaltaint is assigned to Jordan Fletcher - the father. He was saved and so squaltaint failed miserably and is on the run hiding from Foulgrin.

I haven't read the book, but Ya-ya, (yes that really is her nickname) whom I let borrow Ishbane came in to Small Group yesterday and dropped that on my lap... She said everything in the second book makes SO much more sense now...

So lets see if we can find it at the library and maybe we could read it together. Our own little book club!

Kisses - Lucky

PS - Your facebook status is ridiculously vague... please explain. :-)

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