Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nobody panic

I have got this completely under comtrol...
My in-laws came a day early, but this is fine.. Remind me, this is fine,right?
I only need to:
Go grocery shopping (think mother hubbard)
Buy b-day presents for Little P's birthday party (tomorrow)
Bake a 3 layer cake (as per littleP's request)
decorate a 3 layer cake to look "hawaiian" (any suggestions?)
Do, approx 317, loads of laundry
All by COB today, because...
Tomorrow morning I am getting Baptized! Yeah Me! and then the parrr-tyyyy is at 2pm.
Ok, not more blogging for me... Must drink coffee, and shower, then print off this blog as a to do list.


  1. Good luck with the list & Congratulations on your baptizmal!

  2. Can you enlist the help or your inlaws in cake baking, laundry doing, or grocery shopping? Good luck and Congrats!

  3. Congrats! I am proud of you. Good Luck tomorrow.

  4. Have a wonderful day tomorrow!..I am proud of you!!!

    Maybe MIL can make some zetty?