Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Dearest Little P,

My Dearest Little P,
As you have been so kind to point out lately, I am not perfect.  I do try to always be fair, firm, honest, kind and patient, but it doesn't work 100% of the time and I do apoligize for that. What we really need to talk about though is the ageless rule of... If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. If someone asks your opinion, I expect you to tell the truth without being hurtful, but if no one asked and it isn't a kind word... keep it to yourself.
For example when you asked what the commercial for proactive was for and I said pimples, it was not necessary for you to suggest I purchase that product.
When we were watching "What not to wear" and the woman was a cronic sweatshirt violator to any and every occasion, I was wearing a sweatshirt while in my home cleaning the house... there was no need for the once over and suggestion that I watch.
While Hubby and I spent 4 days digging, and lifting and sweating and maybe even an occasional cursing while we installed the patio pavers... I HAD NO IDEA that you knew how to do it. I mean with all the mistakes you pointed out, is that what you are doing in your room at night? Reading home improvement books? I DIDN"T THINK SO!
A few days ago while you were using my crafting rubber stamps and came across one that was applied improperly, it was fun to hear your accusing voice that I "did it wrong" and I am sooo sorry I couldn't stop the words fast enough when I reminded you that it was you who applied it over a year ago without asking.
Then yesterday... yesterday I sacrificed my ENTIRE evening to sew a pinafore for you to wear to character night at church tonight, I ironed, 4 1/2 yards of fabric, then cut out the pattern, applied the pattern to th fabric, cut it out and then painstakingly figured out how to actually craft this article of clothing. So this morning when you put it on backwards, I then told you to turn it around you said "I'm am trying to be really careful because you aren't very good at sewing and not a professional so I don't want to rip it"
That pretty much was the last straw for me. So there, you caught me, you unraveled the great mystery... is mom perfect? NO, NO I am not even close. I am not a professional ANYTHING for that matter, I am still learning how to sew, how to be a christian, how to be a friends, how to cook, how to manage work and life, how to encourage you and be an example for you...
I guess the only thing I may be perfect at... is loving you. Because even after your repeated notions to tear me down... I love ya just the same. You may make me crazy from time to time... but the love never changes.
Love you with all my heart,

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  1. Kids have no idea how much they hurt us do they?
    love n prayers,

  2. some days the only thing keeping me from sending them to an early grave is the thought that they are probably going to be parents and i want to watch the fun.

    hang in mom always said the good outweighed the bad....

  3. I always tell Joshua I wish I knew just half as much as he thinks he does!! That was a great post..I also love what Jill said about wanting to watch her kids have kids..

  4. This is why some species eat their young!

    Somebody hand me a fork! LOL