Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All kinds of random-ness

Sunday night little P and I were all snuggled in my bed together watching a show, when I whispered in her ear...

Me - Guess What
P(still whispering) - What?
Me - I love you...

P(now whispering in my ear) Guess what?
Me (grinning, knowing what she is going to say - What?
P - Power Puff girls is going to be on ALL day tomorrow.
Me (not whispering anymore) - Are you serious?
P (in all seriousness) - Yes! will you wake me up at 6?


School is canceled today... which means one more day of having my little pun.. er.. uh.. I mean angels at home with me. I really must do laundry today, only the panties that I don't like are left in the drawer . :-(


Took my kids to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua, it was actually funny, I mean I actually laughed, out loud in the theatre... You may want to take that into consideration if I ever recommend a movie... Just putting that out there.


You will only really get this if you happen to watch NCIS, on the show Zeva is from Israel and in an attempt to use american slang she often will mix up the words. Like "old school slothing, instead of old school sleuthing. Anyways the point of this is that my oldest, A, often does the same thing... the most recent treasure was while watching the boob tube, there was someone with a doll and pins... She piped up, "I know what that is! A doo doo doll." Tee hee... We told her is was a voodoo doll, she said "whatever"


Picture time!

I like to make this the header of this blog... I'll have to figure out how...

I refinished an old antique desk... Old English rocks...
PS. Tracie - Did you get my e-mail with the scrapbook ideas? Anyway if you ever need inspiration go to www.scrapbook.com
PPS. BFF, I think you should come down next weekend so that we can go see revolutionary road together... I am dying to see that.

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  1. The desk looks great!! The boots look funny! But the 'doo doo doll' was REALLY funny!!
    Thanks for your comment!!