Friday, January 16, 2009

Fair weather friends

I bought a dog three years ago, while living in Florida, where it is sunshiny and warm 98% of the year. I am not bragging about this because I now live in Tennessee and it is 4* outside. So as I was saying my precious pooch has not had the pleasure of experiencing the utter cold and the 4 days of constant rain. It seems that my dog ONLY likes to pee where it is warm and dry. That requirement is not always reflected outside and it seems that when the elements are less than ideal she (precious pooch ) has found those ideal conditions in my children's bedrooms.

Let me also mention that while we lived in Florida with this precious pooch that there were the occasional accident, but we had tile floors... No big deal, grab a mop, or a couple paper towels and 409 and viola - gone. But here in Tennessee we have carpet. Carpet, at least, in all the places my pooch wants to pee. I have also found that dog pee has the staining capacity equal to Dye-Rite, kool-aid, coffee and tea. Does Yellow-5, come from dog pee? I mean I have cleaned and sprayed and scrubbed (repeat 12 times) more in the last month than her previous 3 years.

Now some of you may think I am not allowing her enough time outside, but I put her out and the second the door is shut, she is sitting there crying, and crying , and crying... til I finally let her right back in.

What do I do? Or can someone recommend a super dog pee cleaner?

On another note - the local golf course charges it's rates based on the weather, it is always half of the days high, so if it's 80 the greens cost are 40... It is 4 degrees outside and some of hubby's friends mentioned "let's golf for 2 bucks" Hubby is a fair weather golfer, he currently has on at least 4 shirts, long johns and is laying by the fire with a blanket... He will not be joining them today.


  1. You will get use to the cold. Although I don't know who really wants to golf in 4.

    You may have to start taking the dog for a walk to get her accustumed (sp?) to going outdoors. & Pee stains are hard to get out. Try some vinegar. That's suppose to help with the stain, smell, and then supposidly (sp?) help to prevent them from going there again. ??

  2. our solution was to take all the carpet out of the house. stupid dogs. *grin*

    my dad would have joined them on the the links. he rule was always, "if you can see the ball, you can golf."

  3. "Resolve" is my fave carpet cleaner. Also, the first thing I do is wipe -whatever- up with baby wipes. Seriously, those things rock. My dog doesn't like going out in the wet or cold, either, but somewhere along the line we taught her "Go Potty" so we will just yell and point, and eventually she'll go do her business, because I'm not letting her back in until she does!