Thursday, January 8, 2009

Did I mention I'm a lyricist?

No no not really, I had ya fooled didn't I? Actually last month Ellen had a contest to write a funny, inspiring story as to why you should win all the 12 days of Christmas gifts... So I wrote this little ditty, and then promptly forgot to submit it on time. (The statement pretty much sums up my life) So here is the little jingle I wrote to summarize the year 2008 for us.

Sung to the tune of the beverly hillbillies...

Now let me tell you a story about the family Frampton
Hubby call me up one day and said “they are closing our plant, hon”
they say that I can keep my job if we leave the sun and sea,
So let’s load up the truck and move to Tennessee.

Knoxville that is, Rocky top, U of T

So the house is for sale 100 grand less than we paid,
Hubby’s truck broke down 80 miles on the way,
we stayed overnight in a scary motel bed
Hubby then got a call, boss said “You‘ve been demoted”

Paycut that is, bait and switch.

We explored our new land and found only poison ivy
My kids each got a MRSA staph infection on their knee
I started puking, hubby took me to the emergency
I got a kidney stone and fevers of One oh three

Surgery that is and 5 day hospital stay

Now my boss says he can no longer pay me,
Hubby’s hours were cut to hardly anything
Just last month my car was repossessed
This whole year has been such a mess

Like a trailer park meets a tornado

Throughout all this disaster, the blessings they have come
We have learned to rely on each other for some fun
Thirteen years of marriage and our priorities are finally straight
All of this chaos has made my family great.

A team that is, we are working together
Ya’ll come back now, ya hear.


  1. Wow, good song... great attitude. I'm not sure I am yet to the point that I could sing about life - I'm not a blues fan.
    Anyway, I bestow upon you the letter D.

  2. there's alot of livin' and learnin' in that there song. =D

  3. Great poem about some tough times!

  4. Sorry about the trouble but anyone who can sing abou them has a really good attitude!