Wednesday, January 14, 2009

delightful D - things I love

Well, Jane "bestowed" upon me the letter D for a little game of name 10 things you love...

One would thing that having the letter D would be really easy, but either there were too many possibilities or my creative pool is experiencing a drought. (Drought is not a favorite) It could also be that every time I decided to really try and come up with my list the top two things that came to mind were the male organ and the artificial male organ. It was just downhill from there.

But at last I have made a list. In no particular order.

1 Disposable diapers: Now my babies have long out grown diapers, but anyone who has had children, especially those who have witnessed cloth diapers can appreciate the glory of disposable diapers.

2 Doctors: Now I know a lot of people don't like doctors, but I look at it this way. Doctors kept me alive when I was born, doctors gave me shots to protect me from life threatening disease, doctors took away my pain when giving birth and did CPR on my little P to give her a chance at life. Doctors saved me from kidney failure, prescribed Birth control and keep my babies healthy. I heart doctors.

3 Denim: Only the most perfect fabric made - EVER. I mean what else can you wear with every pair of shoes you own? It looks great with boots, sneakers, sandals, heels...

4 Disney: I know you all may not completely agree with me here, but my mom started brainwashing sharing with us her love for all things Disney at a very young age. It is the happiest place on earth.

5. Dirt: OK, maybe a little odd, but I have lived in 3 land types in my life, one had dirt, one had sand and the other rock and clay. Dirt hands down it the best, without dirt all the wonderful veggies that I love would not exist. Sand is very difficult to grow anything in, and the rock/clay is a serious pain in the arse to do ANYTHING to.

6. Democracy: God bless America.

7. Dancing: It was a lot more fun when my knees were in better shape, but none the less I love to dance. I dance while my kids play Rock band. I dance a happy dance when ever I get the chance. Nothing is better than the rare moment in which my husband holds me tight (usually in the kitchen) and we become one in a slow dance.

8. Driving: The freedom of driving down the road, seeing America through the windshield, anticipating what could be around the next corner.

9. Dishes: I love dishes, different shapes, sizes. I love having the perfect dish for any type of food. I have regular dishes, Christmas dishes, and even flowered dishes what were my mom's first dishes.

10. Dreams: Dreams of sleep, dreams of your future, dreams of your children's future. Dreams of sleep are fun to try and remember and figure out, dreams of your future give you something to strive for, dreams for your children make you be a better person for yourself.

I had a few runners up including:, Dads, desk, dishwasher, dresses, daughters (I took them off the list since they are both home barfing today, yea me :-( sad face )

Anyone else wanna give it a go?


  1. That was a great list. I loved the male organ references! HAHA. I'm working with "B"

  2. Well, you certainly made it LOOK easy. I think I even agree with most of them. Not that that's important, unless you need validation and then you're welcome. Okay, I'm done!
    Thanks for playing!