Thursday, January 29, 2009


Last night my little P turned on her radio to fall asleep too. She happened to find the local Christian rock station, and was listening to it while she got ready as well. In the car on the way to school she said...

P - "Mommy I heard one of the songs we sing at church on the radio"
Me - "Really? Which one?"
P - "The one about Jesus"
Hmmm, that just doesn't really narrow it down for me.

A was trying to tell us that her friend goes to "twan" (sound it out like swan) That she takes lessons for twan... (sounds innappropriate doesn't it?) It took a while but we finally realized that she was combining the words baton and twirl...

OK, wanna see my laundry room...

An applique from Uppercase living

Cool gadget the holds my iron and ironing board

Where the dirty clothes USED to gather... (the floor)

Now they are locked away in the laundry sorter/which has a flap to cover them up...

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  1. LOVE it! The stencil is awesome! I'm going to have to check it out!