Monday, January 12, 2009

Fire Safety, and a cute pic of my dog.

So, my youngest daughter almost burnt the house down, twice, this weekend. Yea, twice. She didn't engage in one bonehead move but TWO.

Please excuse this interruption. I would just like to take a moment and mention how I love thee blogger... I just had a power surge, and everything flickered with only one picture left to upload. Blogger randomly saves for you... so when I logged back in, everything was there waiting for me! I love you blogger. You make now proceed to your regular scheduled reading.

Bright idea number 1: Put pretty plastic necklace around light bulb. Friday night, both the girls have someone over for a sleepover, when A walks out and says "Mom, P's room STINKS!" This is coming from the girl who didn't bother to tell me the dog peed in her room because she didn't notice. So it smells like burnt plastic, and we locate this:

Of course I gave too the girls a LONG LONG lecture about safety and NEVER NEVER NEVER put anything on, over, around a light bulb EVER!

So anyways, the next morning I awoke, and hubby and I made the decision to go to church despite the chaotic order of the household (what a mess!) I walked into P's room and there was smoke SMOKE coming from her bed. I screamed, she had the poo scared outta her, hubby came running... She had turned on her lamp, laid it on her bed, on a stuffed animal. The result?

It was smoking and in a matter of minutes it have no doubt it would have caught fire. I don't know who was more scared, me or P. What if we had decided not to go to church? I wouldn't have woken her up! She slept with sissy last night, I can't get the smell out of her room. I opened all the windows to let it air out, still stinks. I am going to have to strip her bed ...

On a completely unrelated note, wanna see a picture of my dog? This is a pic of how she rode 8 hrs in the truck with us to and from Ohio...

oh, and hubby is wearing my sunglasses because I stepped on his. oops.


  1. Yup ... safety always comes first. I hope it won't happen agaian.BTW, Cute dog.

  2. Scary stuff.
    When I was about 12, I walked into the bedroom that I shared with my sister and said: "what is burning?"
    She was reading under the blankets with a lamp with no shade sitting on the mattress. Burned a whole in the mattress. Scary at what could have happened.
    Take care!!

  3. okay...she's over her monthly allotment of "bone-head" moments. thankful that you caught it.

    cute puppy!