Thursday, January 22, 2009


My step dad used to tease me that I needed to get my 20 thousand words in each day, in other words, I talk a lot. I seem to recall the first times I got in trouble as a kid in school was for talking. My senior yearbook says "10 yrs from now LuckyWife will still be telling the same stories and laughing at them". Man did they ever have me pegged. Maybe it's a good thing that hubby and I moved so often, I needed a new audience anyways. I have even gotten "spoken to" at work (on more than one occasion) about talking too much. One would think by now I would have SOME self control... Maybe it's good that I blog... I get get my stories out without yakking too much... So knowing how much I love to talk and my long history of obsessive talking...

There is nothing I feel like talking about today... I have many possible topics including:

~I applied for a job at a local radio station... no not as a dj, but reception and Accounts receivable

~I'd like to tell you about the book 90 minutes in heaven by Don Piper and what I learned from the book.
~My inner struggle with wanting to share hubby and my story with people, possibly at church, and inspire people to repair their marriages vs hiding our tainted past and paint the perfect picture
~My thoughts and feelings after seeing the movie Fireproof - good by the way
~My daughter's written translation of the song "America the Beautiful" (adorable)
~My other daughter's attempt to combine the words baton and twirl... lol

~How one daughter implied that I have a mustache, because she can not lie about that but has no problem lying about how much candy she snuck from the kitchen or if she put clean panties on or not
~how I organized my laundry room and am totally giddy about it
~How the above sentence frightens me and I think I need to get out more.
~Oh and of course, I cut my bangs and now I look just like my 7th grade school picture, which was 1987, which is not a cool "80's are in" haircut.

Seriously, I'll prove it.



Only one word comes to mind here... FAIL.

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  1. I would like to hear about all of those things and I don't think your hair looks the same as from 1987. The 80s style was the curly perm that you had and now is the natural wave that you have. No not the same. You have more to say when you don't have anything to say than I have when I have something to say! LOL