Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time - Irrational Fears - Other randomness

Let's start with something ridiculous...
My irrational fears.
The biggest one is that I will be wearing the wrong shoes for a tragic event... example: My car breaks down on a dark county road and a hooked killer comes to the door and I need to RUN! I can assure you I will have on flip flops, and they will the the source of my demise.
The next one? That I will undoubtly have on the most uncorfortable/elastic lacking/wedgie giving panties I own when I am shipwrecked/airplane crashes on a deserted island.

I consider my time to be valuable, if not to you, it is certainly valuable to me. SO. When we make plans to do something at 7:30, and you find at 5:30 your propane tank is empty, and then go to the store to swap it, and then decide to get groceries while you are there, and only then start cooking dinner for your family at 7:15... Don't wait until 8:30 to finally call me and say you can't go. You knew by 6 o'clock you weren't coming. Grrrrr.....

Other randomness - My babies are at church camp and hubby and I are paralyzed with excitement to have a couple nights to ourselves!
Also, I just bought a Colgate 360 toothbrush and LOVE IT! The tongue cleaner tickles my mouth while I brush my teeth. It's totally awesome.


  1. This made me laugh. You have some very stange fears!
    I also have an electric toothbrush, they absolutly rock.