Sunday, June 19, 2011

Contract writing

It is Sunday night, and I thought of roughly 437 interesting things to write about and share with you monday morning... I currently can remember zero of them...

Why? Probably because I made a deadline for myself, from invisible to visible contract to you... If I don't have something for you Monday morning, you won't come back on thursday.
So I found out today/yesterday that my MIL is coming tuesday and taking the kids back to Ohio for a couple weeks, as she does every summer...

Why is this one stressing me out? For one, the girls just returned from camp and I have roughly 37 loads of laundry to do, I have been working like crazy, saturdays too which means my own house has been neglected, and after the Ohio visit my MIL wants to fly the kids to florida and meet hubby and I there when we take our family vacation. She keeps pushing and pushing to fly there verse home here in TN, hubby is too polite to explain that we are taking a family vacation, just the 4 of us. Even my mom, who lives in Florida, will be out of town. I think it would be easier to just tell her the truth...

Ok I have a question for you...
When company is coming... not company but say, your best friend, does that mean you have to spring clean, to an excessive dregree to make them feel special?
Or if you are the BFF do you expect your BFF to do that? Do you want to feel like that is necessary for you to come visit?
Yes... of course this stems from an event.

It would seem that a couple summers ago when my cousin came through there was a ramdom apple core that one of my kids left somewhere... Well, this "random" example has been used to explain to me how a guest should feel special.
I look at this completely different, if my cousin feels as though every thing needs to be perfect, then I feel like a "company" or a guest... an unwanted guest.

I like my house tidy and clean, but there is just gonna be an apple core around once in a while, we live here. The sheets are clean, rugs swept, and toilets scrubbed... but there is also a dish in the sink, shoes in the living room floor, and a hamper full of clothes.

So do you forgo having a friend over if the house isn't perfect or do you invite them in despite the condition?


  1. I agree with you that when company comes, my house is tidy and clean....but I live here so there are going to still be things around. I'm still going to have laundry accumulate while they are here, I'm still going to need to cook and do dishes. They are coming to visit ME not my house. I may have a book laying on my nightstand or a glass sitting on the end table. My husband says "We LIVE in our house, and if company doesn't think it is clean enough, tell them to have at it."

  2. Glad you're back chicky :-) maybe we can inspire each other to post more. I will make a contract with you to leave you comment love for each post. Hopefully that little threat will be enough to spur you on :-)

  3. I have it both ways. I clean the downstairs and leave the upstairs a mess, and keep the company downstairs.

    I've stopped stressing over the state of the house. I do what I can when I can. Most of my friends are in the same boat, so they understand.

    Vacation - we have a relative that joins us on vacation once in a while. It IS different; sometimes very relaxed, sometimes not.