Thursday, June 23, 2011


It's thursday already???

Well Tuesday night we had a major wind storm come through, knocked our power out at 8:30pm, we set our cell phone alarms, plugged them in and wished for the best.
When we awoke the next morning, still no power.
Hubby and I went off to work when hubby's friend called to say that his salt water fish were dying. Hubby has a salt water tank as well, and he was honestly having a panic attack about his tank. For a moment, I was worried about the fridge and freezer, but really... there is more $ in the tank than in food.
Luckily Hubby's dad was in town, he went to Home Depot and rented a generator. We lost 2 fish and a shrimp... Could've been worse.

I have been working on remodeling a house... which means... I have a valid excuse to wear my hot pink tool belt!!!!!

My babies leave today for Ohio, going to visit grandparents and cousins and hopefully have an absolute blast.

Gotta get ready for work... Have a fantastic day!


  1. Glad you guys didn't have any major damage and that you didn't loose your whole saltwater fish family. :-D wear that tool belt with pride !!!

  2. I'll bet you're going to miss your babies. :)