Thursday, June 16, 2011

Invisible contract

I was reading a blog about successful blogging... tee hee.. Anyways, the point of the article was the "invisible contract". That you may or may not know it, but as you develop a pattern of posting, your readers begin to depend on that pattern, or invisible contract. You may not even know you have a contract until you break it.
This past year, has been an adventure, my posting sporatic and my readers vanished... I am going to make a visable contract with you to post every Monday and Thursday. Yea, I know it's only twice a week, but I need to get back in the rythmn... It very well could increase in time, who knows.
Well there you have it, come back on Monday.

I'll leave you with this:
Irrational fear #3 - Dehydration. I have roughly 3 glasses of water around the house, in my car and at my office at all times... I'm like the little girl from the movie "Signs"

Anyone else have a ridiculous fear/quirk they want to share? Please, so I don't feel SO silly alone!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Lucky Wife

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