Wednesday, June 8, 2011

feeling a little lost

Do you ever feel like a lamb that's wondered so far from the flock, that you just aren't sure how to work your way back in?

Hubby and I are struggling with our church/attendance/functions... We LOVE LOVE LOVE our pastor, he is absolutely incredible, straight forward, like it or not, humorous... all around fantastic.

The problem? That accessability of any functions other than sunday morning service. Children's/Teens/Small Group starts at 5:45 on Wednesdays. I work until 5pm, then drive 40 minutes to home, and then another 25 Minutes back to the church. Assuming that traffic is a dream, that I don't need to eat, and my children are standing on the porch ready to jump in the car, we will be, at a BARE minimum 20 minutes late.

This was all FINE when I worked part time, but since I began full time work, I have had to quit small group and the kids had to quit wednesday church... then that small wedge has been driven even deeper by interferring with sunday service attendance...


I don't like feeling disconnected like this... It just seems that everyone waits around for me to make a stand/decision but then once i do, it's challenged as well.



  1. i'm sorry....i know this feeling well. i now work until 3 am on saturday nights so sunday mornings are hard. midweek study attendance depends on my ever-changing work schedule. I feel like i'm missing out on so much. i will pray for you and the decisions that need to be made.

  2. I feel the same way/things.