Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Are you out of Gravy????

So as you may or not know I have been couponing... I feel like it has been hugely successful being that currently I am spending a hair less then normal, but have WAY more supplies than normal.

So I was telling my in-laws about my success, to which they were all "ohh" and "ahhh", "clever girl"!

Then yesterday, while I was at work, my MIL kindly prepared dinner for the family. When I unsuspectingly arrived home, I was surprise attacked by the MILwith "ARE YOU OUT OF GRAVY? I looked and looked for gravy, in the pantry and in your stash, and I couldn't find GRAVY anywhere!" when FIL piped in "She didn't have a coupon for gravy! If there is no coupon you don't get to eat GRAVY!"


You would think I forgot to buy a supply of oxygen to keep the children alive for the next week.

1 comment:

  1. How hilarious! Heaven forbid if you had forgotten the potatoes as well! Keep up the good couponing work. You may have forgotten the gravy, but at least you remembered your coupons. I have about $7.00 I have spent recently more than I could have if I had just remembered the coupons were in my purse! I just ordered a coupon organizer from Pampered Chef. Maybe that will help me. By the way, visit my blog for a kitchen gadget giveaway!