Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday BFF

Today is a very important day for me... No it's not my birthday, but it is the birthday of my oldest friend (Not her age, the time WE have been friends) See the way I look at it is like this...
God knew me before he formed me. Right? So after he had figured that all out... he got busy making me just the right person to be my best friend. That could not have been an easy task, as I am not always sensible. I mean... he had to make someone that he knew, would...
1. Not give up when I was (a smidge) self centered.
2. Not desert me when time and paths stretched long apart.
3. Let me ramble on about things that she has NO interest in.
4. Laugh at my silliness.
5. Share their love of Jesus, and have awesome conversations with.
6. Relate to the baggage I carry.
7. Force me to speak truth, when I want to cover things up with half truths.
8. Let me ask hard questions, because I trust her with everything.
9. Love me...

Anyways... I just hope she knows that I feel truly blessed to have her as my friend, and that only the work of God could have created such perfection. She isn't everyone perfect friend, She's my perfect friend.

Happy Birthday... I hope you have an incredible day... I love you.

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  1. Awww, I love you too. : ) That was the most beautiful gift. (sniffle) AmD