Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Do you ever run into someone, someone that knew you but haven't seen in YEARS and find that they are in shock over how you've changed? This summer, and old friend from school whom I lost touch with almost 18 years ago, moved back to my small home town and we got in touch... with some urging from my BFF, since we used to be 3 amigos. When I was 16, I was a model, my family was wealthy, we traveled constantly, I had expensive clothes, handbags... I was a city girl. Flash forward 18 years, I have acerage, a garden, ugly black walmart wellies (rubber boots)a snazzy hand bags from Penny's that's 3 yrs old, dreams of owning chickens and possibly a goat, and the most expensive article of clothing I own? My Levi's. Of course this transformation didn't happen over night... But for her it did. When I mention something about an apron... she howls, when she sees I sewed a bonnet for my daughter... she wants a DNA tests to make sure I'm not as robotic clone...
The best part of this new friendship... Material! I have just been dried out here in blogland.

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So what big change would put an old friend in shock? Do tell!


  1. Sadly, probably my weight. I was always thin in school and swore I would never get heavy after having children. I just couldn't understand how women could give birth and keep all that weight on....oh how naive I was.

  2. Yeah, probably the weight thing too.... but most people I see from high school say: you haven't changed. But is that really a good thing?

  3. Something similar happened to me a few years ago when I moved back to my hometown after nearly 20 years. It wasn't so much the physical changes in people that surprised me. It was that the formerly popular kids and the upperclassman were suddenly nice and friendly. I just couldn't get past thinking of them as the people they were in HS. Like your friend, the change for me was overnight. It was very unsettling.

    Glad you're back by the way. I've been in a bit of dry spell as well. Maybe I need to run into an old friend to be inspired.

  4. Im glad to hear from you once again....and esp that you are doing so great! You don't know how excited I am to have some 'old' friends back in my life (and FINALLY teaching me the secret handshake) LOL