Friday, October 23, 2009

News Article - Must Read - Woman's Head actually Explodes

Woman's Head actually Explodes

suspected Mother in Law is the cause

Today MIL called Lucky Wife to tell her that her preteen had forwarded her a creepy picture of a girl holding a knife, with a traditional scary Halloween story that implied "If you don't forward this to 10 people, you will find pictured scary girl at the foot of your bed" MIL's intentions were to "tattle" on the young girl but Lucky Wife - THE MOTHER - had already seen said item. Preteen had showed me the item herself. MIL then proceeded to try and figure out what the child's punishment was (if any) and she was dismayed to hear "it was handled" giving her NO satisfaction to her request. The MIL then told Lucky Wife that she "just feels better talking about it" to which Lucky Wife replied that she was at work and she would have to find someone else to talk to.

Unfortunately this conversation has NOT hindered her plans to visit us in 2 weeks.

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