Tuesday, October 20, 2009

News from the home front

1. No baby decision has been made, not that one was scheduled to be made yet... but in case you were wondering... no decision.
2. Hubby is back to work and has been transferred to the Engineering Dept. which is an awesome thing.
3. Today is my dad's birthday... He's 63, today is also my friend Penny's birthday she's 49, not that any of this matters to you. You may find it interesting that I dread this phone call... Why? Well, it is just such a painful call at times... I will post our dialogue later, you'll see.
4. I completely lost it on my daughter this morning...After I woke her 472 times, she finally dressed and went back to sleep, then I yelled and screamed and she brushed her teeth and hair and went to watch TV, I stomped, screamed, snarled and snorted and she finally put her shoes, coat and backpack on. When I went outside she was REFUSING to get in the back seat because Sissy was in the front (it's a 2 door) It was at that moment that I said:
Get in the car
Get in the car
Get in the car!!!
Which echoed off every hill, and down every hollow in the county...
Great start to the day...


  1. It is okay to lose it sometimes, especially in those circumstances.
    I would be tempted to let her be late for school and have HER explain to the school why.

  2. Sometimes they just have to know that you mean business. You had already exhibited MUCH more patience than I possess.
    Hang in there.

  3. Until very recently (and both of my girls in HS!), mornings were pure hell in my house, too. Truly the worse part of my day.