Monday, November 2, 2009

A Pain in the Arse...

Figuratively and Literally.

My husband's brother and wife came to visit... And hubby's mom and dad as well... Why do you care? Well you probably don't really except that my sister in law and mother in law are in a bit of a tiff with each other... They each claim not to be mad at the other but before our meal, MIL began to eat and I asked "Did you pray for everyone?" She replied "I prayed for myself the rest of you can die" Wow, Great example MIL, what a good Christian spirit there... And you wonder why Sister in law wants NOTHING to do it (Chistianity that is)
Sister in law locked her self in a bedroom to hide... don't really blame her there...
We went trick or treating, in the rain, and on a hay ride, in the POURING rain, and now my body aches, I have a sore throat... and for the literal part of my title, I think I have Hemmroids... Sorry was that TMI? I am dying here! Preperation H works alot better on my puffy eyes than it seems to be doing on its intended purpose.

Insert pouting face and tears.

ps - No my MIL does not live with us or even near us, it's just that she flies for free and "visits" WAY TO OFTEN!



  1. Your MIL sounds absolutely horrible. I can NOT believe she said that at the table (let alone even thought it). I think you would be well within your rights to tell her she is no longer welcome in your house.

  2. She seriously said that??? I think I would've inserted my own comment, "What a lovely Christian attitude that is. I'm sure Jesus is very proud!"


  3. WOW
    Thats about all I can say.