Monday, November 16, 2009

Full Pout Mode.

I am feeling pouty today… I believe this could be HIGHLY induced by the roller coasters of hormones raging through my body my "cycle". If you don't care to read along and listen to me whine like a spoiled snot nosed snob, then here is your warning to get out.

So Hubby and I cleaned out our closet Saturday, we have a huge closet that also doubles as the "catch all". In this cleaning out process, I also ditched any clothing that I hadn't worn in the past year (ok I maybe kept 3 things that I couldn't part with yet, but you get the picture) So there is currently a pile about 4x4 ft square and at least 4 ft high of clothes and shoes that were discarded by me and hubby.

On to the pouty part, I own exactly 3 pairs of dress pants (I work in an office 5 days a week, do the math) Only one dress shirt does not have either a stain or hole in it. The holes are from my idiot dog precious canine greeting me when I come home, poking an unnoticeable claw through my shirt only to be fully exposed after it has been washed and dried. Yes I scolded, the dog for jumping up on me only to have hubby come home 30 min later in his grungy work clothes and encourage the dog to jump up on him. Ugh.

Then I found the offer letter to Hubby from the company that he works for, the one offering him a nice comfortable salary to up and move to Tennessee… the same one that they retracted 10 minutes after we pulled into the driveway of our new home (IN TENNESSEE). It makes me angry that hubby feels like he isn't providing, when at the same time out of 1000 employees only 120 are left, 120 that include him. I am grateful for employment, period. So I guess I should quit pouting, huh.

What else? Well my 12 yr old car needs fixed, shocking, right? There is NO money for that, but instead I spend a few dollars every couple days putting more oil in… yea, oil leak. And I leaky tire, and I broke the cup holder this morning, my seat doesn't move forward anymore.

Have I mentioned lately that I'm fat? Fatter? More plump than my body has been used to other than two pregnancies, 10 and 12 years ago? Every night I lie in bed and think, Tomorrow I am just gonna get dressed and go outside and walk up and down the drive way a couple times. (It's really long and down a hill…) Then the next morning I wake, and drag my lifeless (fat) body to the kitchen for that cup of joe and then the thought of lugging my body outside, in the cold… well that thought just dissipates into thin air.

I will have the exact same thought tonight when I am lying in bed.

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  1. I do the exact same thing every night when I get in bed. Tomorrow I will start eating healthier and getting some "real" exercise. Somehow tomorrow never comes. UGH!

  2. I totally know how you feel. Good for you cleaning out your closet... mine just continues to stay full of stuff I can't fit into anymore. I won't even get in to the not exercising thing... I can't seem to get motivated either and everyone around me is exercising like mad. : )AmD

  3. I think the same thoughts a lot of the time.

    Good for cleaning out your stuff. I REALLY need to do that.