Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It doesn't fit!!!

Preteen A asked me to make her an icecream cake... I found a way to make it on line that looked super duper easy...

First bake two round cakes (from a box mix, duh!) like normal and then put a 1/2 gallon of softened ice cream in a spring form pan (perferably the same size) and let the ice cream harden overnight
When you are ready to assemble, flatten your cake, unless you are betty crocker herself and it doesn't have a big dome on top. (I use thread or dental floss)

Pull out the flapjack of ice cream from the freezer and it will magically pop off the base of the pan, seriously I promise.

Put the second cake on top and...

I did use 2 jars of icing to seal in the ice cream...

It was completely iced and i had 3 hrs until the party, I turned to place the cake in the freezer and .... Clunk. The plate hit the sides of my side by side fridge/freezer.


So I called my neighbor who wasn't home but her husband was, she said I could place the cake in her freezer and she'd call the husband... So I ran to the car and drove down the driveway with my left hand, cell phone in my lap, and cake in my right hand balanced like a waitress bringing drinks to a table. When all of a sudden I hear "Hello, hello.. Are you there" It's my MOM! I butt dialed her!
What my mom doesn't realize is that I had lost my voice for being sick that whole week, so when I picked up the phone and cradeled is under my chin I replied with a voice of a 90 yr old chain smoker, who had all their teeth pulled and had a sore throat...
Lucky - Mom, I can't talk, I gotta go.
Mom - Are you ok, What's wrong.
Lucky - I lost my voice I gotta go mom!
Mom - Are you sure your ok?
Lucky - Yes, I butt dialed, I'll call you back, I gotta go.
When I arrived at my neighbors, the fence across the drive was still locked (I live in the country remember?) So I parked my car at the end of the drive and walked up the quarter mile drive cake in hand... all the while praying that he asks first who is there before he shoots. This was a serious, valid concern!
I bang on the door, yelling "It's me, Lucky! You there, It's just me, Lucky! Don't shoot!"
Relief, his wife JUST got ahold of him and he opened the door.
When I called my mom back she was so worried that I was in the mist of a crying fit, or something, I'm lucky she hadn't dialed 911!
This was all that was left, it was really good and everyone loved it. Just make sure you have freezer room BEFORE you make it.


  1. That SO sounds like my life! Glad he didn't shoot you and the cake was yummy!

  2. Yay-I was hoping you'd blog on that-funny story!

  3. I guess you know you live in the country if you are afraid your neighbors will shoot you when you come to their door! YIKES! Glad it all worked out and that the cake was yummy. It sure looks yummy.