Monday, August 3, 2009

What I did on my Summer Vacation...

My babies left June 4th with my mom to Florida looking like this:
When I got them back 2 months later... they looked like this:
ok so maybe I am exaggerating a little... Gosh I have missed them...
So hubby and I hiked the smokey mountains... two trails Abrhams's falls and Rainbow falls...

I got poison ivy (yes AGAIN) I'll spare you the pictures...

we went boating/fishing

We swam... (I'll spare me that embarrassing picture)

Then Aunt Jenn and I took the girls to their very first concert ever. The Jonas Brothers.

It was a fun filled summer, I am glad to have my family back home and for things to settle down and get back to normal...


  1. Oh cool !! My daughter loves the Jonas Brothers!! She went to a concert of theirs last summer and LOVED it.

  2. Aww that picture of them when they were little is adorable!

  3. How do you manage to get your mom to take your girls for two. whole. months? I know you missed them, but it sounds kind of nice, too. At least it would be for a week or two. Would she take mine, next summer?