Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Snail Mail and of course Poison Ivy

Today I brought my 11yrs old daughter with me to work... She is keeping busy with and NCIS marathon on, but I thought I woudl give her a little task to break up the day.
Prepare envelopes.
No biggie, right? She's 11, and a half, going in to middle school and a straight A student.
She returned a little while later... with the return address stamped next to the lines in the upper left hand corner, the TO: address directly under where the retuen should be... the postage was the only thing properly placed...
She was never taught how to address an envelope! Never! Can you believe this? She says she learned how to properly write a letter... and then what? E-mail it? Obviously we are in a new day and age...
I love NOTHING more than to recieve snail mail... (that isn't a bill or junk)
In fact... I just may sit down and pen some snail mail letters to some friends... That is what you find a box of in your grandma's attic... old letters from thier friends and loves... what are our grandkids gonna find? printed off e-mails? My blog??? yuk. They should be able to see my hand writing.

I think I could write a whole seperate blog about poison ivy... My Little P has it right now, and she cried out to me this morning that it was "sobbing" and "leeping" she's just so close to the right word... seeping... yet so far away.


  1. It scares me to think that in like 30 years, my grandchildren may be able to reach into cyberspace and pull out all the weirdness from my blog.
    But then I guess it's not like their mothers won't have already clued them in that G'ma is a fruitbasket.

  2. I love receiving snail mail as well! I still have one friend that I write letters to twice a year. On our birthdays and at christmas. We've been writing to each other since 1983! Though now we type our letters and just sign them. Better than nothing I guess.