Friday, August 14, 2009

Fugitive among us...

This past spring Little P's hamster Smoky passed and some how that resulted in acquiring a gerbil named Mike and a Robo Mini Hamster very appropriately named "Speedo" for Preteen A. Last night as I was settling everyone down for bed preteen A comes to me and says "I need your help".
Now in case you have young children, or all your children have grown then you don't necessarily realize that preteens, teens or young adults know everything there is to know and no longer need the assistance of parents.
I am trying to look calm because I know for her to actually ASK for help means that she has tried everything known to man prior to asking... I carefully walk in to her room, apprehensive of what I might find... and then I see it...
An EMPTY hamster cage
The Robo Mini has escaped, he is very fast, and only 2 inches long... We have no idea how he got out, where he could be or if he is even still alive... I told preteen A that we would have to put food out and hope we see him come to it and catch him... Before the dog finds him!
So last night hubby got up around 3:30 am and had to, uh... tinkle. As he was standing in our bathroom, Speedo ran between his feet. Being in mid-stream, hubby was unable to capture the fugitive, but we have at least had a sighting... He is alive, and in the house...

There is a apb out with his description...
Brown Hair
2 in long
3 oz
Very athletic
will not answer to the name Speedo...

Watch for him on America's Most Wanted... if you see him, you can leave a message here on the tip line.

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  1. Good thing he was already...going, but having that thing run across you bare feet at 3 am would'a made you pee your pants anyway! HAHA Hope you catch it!!