Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First day of School

I really thought Iwas an old pro at the "first day of school" thing. We purged bedrooms, extracted old clothes that didn't fit or weren't cool anymore... We rearrainged bedrooms to symbloize the fresh new start of the new year. We laid out our new outfit, stuffed our new backpacks with our sharpened pencils, and new binders.

We got dressed, I asked for a couple pictures, Little P happily obliged, Preteen A rolled her eyes. I told her the pictures would go on facebook, she she'd better look normal.
So I asked my new middle schooler (preteen A) do you want me to drive you on the first day or do you want to take the bus? I don't care, was her response... "I don't care" in preteen means, I want to do the uncool choice, but PLEASE don't make me admit it.
Elementary school starts first so off we went... My little P is about an inch and a half shorter than her teacher... Preteen's old teacher asked me if I was "ok"... yea? I'm thinking, why wouldn't I be? First day of school... psssht, that's old hat.
Off we trek to the middle school... we pull up to this HUGE school, I am totally cool... we say our goodbyes, she gets out of the car and starts heading up the grand staircase to the front doors...
As I pull away I glance back... (don't glance back!) and what do you know... I'm stinking crying!
Good Grief. I really had no idea that 'd cry, really. I can NOT even image what High school or (gasp) college will bring... basically a basket case for a mother.

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  1. Yay! Good for you for surviving the first day of middle school. So far I haven't gotten teary on school days, but I did get caught off guard on the day my oldest daughter got her driver's license. She'll be off to college next year. Not sure how i'm going to react to THAT. Time will tell.

    Btw, your girls are adorable. Preteen A looks "too cool for school". Hope her first day of middle school went well.