Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fugative has been apprehended

We caught Speedo. He was behind the piano... he dodged, and hid and made a break for it, hid in my closet, but we had him cornered... He is now behind bars.

In other news...

Being the first day of school yesterday, I had a boat load of paper work to fill out last night... you know the same ole, same ole, emergency contacts, understanding of school policy's... and lastly the reduced or free lunch form... I have never in the past even glanced at this form, but last night I did...

We Qualify! You know, I thought we were doing ok, I mean we have cut out expenses to the bare bones, and we are making ends meet... We have been fine... Not vacationing anytime soon, but grocery shopping consists of more than ramen noodles... So we are good, right?

We qualify for reduced lunch... I. can. not. believe. it.

I don't feel poverty level... I was even disillusioned to think I was "middle class" lol...
Guess not.


  1. Nothing wrong with free/reduced lunches. Hope your food is better than what we have in our schools!

  2. Glad you caught the fugitive! And good for you for being so thrifty you didn't even realize that you might qualify for school lunches. Hopefully, that will help you even more.