Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mom, Dad, Kids...

Somethings going on right now...
Talked to my Dad, asked how he was doing... "not great, I hurt all over, and am in a lot of pain". At the same time he is elusive about the cirrhosis, almost as though if he admits to it, then we will find out he drinks too much. I really think he doesn't think we know.
So hubby's upbringing is that of a story book, so I sent him a text (yes a text) asking if he had ever heard of al-anon, he replied, "WHO'S that?" sigh... I explained that it was a support group for family members of alcholics, and that I was thinking about going... I'm not sure he quite understands.
Funny thing is, I wouldn't have even told him if I didn't need to explain where I was going... Telling him that I wanted to go, took me weeks to get the courage to mention it. I also realized if that was that hard for me, I can't imagine how hard it would be for my dad to try AA.

Enough of that for now...

I broke my pinky toe Sunday, I WILL spare you pictures. I was reaching for something on the back of the kitchen counter, pulled my arm forward and knocked my hubby's foot log, 37lb mag lite flashlight on my toe. It was swollen and purple in 60 seconds. I still can't get shoes on and have been wearing flip flops to work... Really wish I had a pedicure recently!

My girls are in Florida with O'ma (my mom) she took them to the mall for some school shopping and texted me and asked
O'Ma - "What happened to my princesses? They want ugly clunky shoes"
Me - "The princess spell was broken when they hit puberty"
O'Ma - "That's why they kept the Disney princess locked in the tower for so long"

Haha YES! I just want to lock mine in the tower 1 week a month... Good Grief!

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