Thursday, February 7, 2013

How are you?

So it seems my Twitter account is linked to my blog, which is fine... I'm not a big twitterer, tweeter? So SOMEONE  who happens to be a bit tech savvy figured it out. Which BTW is totally cool with me.

I have missed using this as my outlet to whine, share, celebrate and record our family, but Facebook is just SO easy to drop a line and you're off. You know? But that's all it is, a clever line to answer the social protocol "How are you" but not actually wanting to know.
Have you ever HONESTLY answered a casual "How are you?" from someone... It's actually quite hilarious to see the expression on the check out lady's face when you say "Actually, my shoe broke and I locked my keys in my car, I found a distant relative in England and all I want to do is call my Dad and tell him about it, but I can't (insert rogue tear) it's been a pretty rough day."
It will be the fastest check out you have ever experienced... 

But why don't we? Why are we so afraid to share emotions, and struggles, and REAL LIFE? Not just with strangers but people who we consider our friends, or acquaintances that could be friends if you'd just open up a bit? Rejection? Maybe, but you'd probably most likely find relief, because your life looked SO perfect on Facebook. 

I'm not afraid, because my struggles and flaws and emotions are what make me who I am, don't tell me "Fine and you?" Tell me what is going on with your life? How can I pray for you?

Tell me, 

How are you? Really?


  1. As the one "who happens to be a bit tech savvy," trust me when I say there's not enough room to answer honestly. I would say that with the exception of the loss of a parent, which I have fortunately not yet experienced, you could sympathize with exactly how I am about so many things. ESPECIALLY parenting teens/tweens. :)

  2. WOW the Anonymous post was posted on My Mothers Birthday. Yes I have spilled the Real answers to that question before. How Are You? My waiter asked. I proceeded to tell him about the last 2 days in my life which I will save for My next blog :) When it came time for me to pay the bill he said, " It's already been paid for by a customer who comes in here all the time." To this day I believe My waiter paid for it. I later that week Paid it forward to strangers. I was Glad I told him about my day.