Friday, September 9, 2011

Blessing Gathering #1

This gathering was #1 for a couple reasons... It was officially my very first gathering ever and ONE peson showed up. I was a little bummed, but it actually ended up being a nice evening. My neighbor stopped over, I told her it seemed she would be the ONLY one, and we proceeded to visit, I went through my presentation, worked out a few bugs and feel ready for the BIG one on saturday morning.  Then, not only did she place an order, she offered to do a book show and take it to work where it will be exposed to 30+ woman. When she told her work friends where she was going they all said... Ohhh what's Blessings Unlimited???  She said " I have no idea, but will find out!
As for my Saturday pary, I expect about a dozen people to show... I know what bugs I need to work out and am excited.
Have you checked it out?

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