Thursday, September 15, 2011

2 things

There are 2 things that even after 16 years of marriage my husband and I will never agree on: napping and the thermostat.
Napping: My husband is a napper, he like to nap from time to time... I am NOT a napper, but over the years have accepted the notion that an occasional nap is something that he enjoys. The problem is, location, location, location... He want to fall asleep and nap in the middle of the living room, ok fine, but then everyone else in the family (including the kids) are supposed to tiptoe and whisper during the napping process. Then, if we speak too loud, he grumbles... GO TO THE BEDROOM! lock your self in, noone will bother you, noone will talk too loud, noone gets ice from the freezer in there, we don't let the dogs in and out of the house from there... but for some reason, that ruins the napping experience...
Thermostat: That man is always COLD! Yes, I said it right, HE is always COLD. I am always hot, and miserable, he is cold and his bones hurt... so he says. Do you think I am exgagerating? In the winter, I have compromised in keeping the thermostat at 74 degrees... yes 74. Me?? I would like it at 70, hubby would prefer it at 78, and I have caught him inching it there from time to time.

I don't see this as a point of conflict, I see it as a balance... because this past sunday, he fell asleep in my lap, and I was forced to slow down. I tend to make the house so cold that peopel are uncomfortable, he would keep it bathing suit temp, so we balance...
On things I am strict, he is lax and vise versa... I am so thankful for him and all the things we don't agree on.

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