Wednesday, March 16, 2011

for who's glorification?

I read something today... Something profound. It was from a Christian Fiction book I was reading... character A was commenting on Character B's huge home and abundant blessing...
Character B said, all their blessings were for God's glory, not their own. The home was used by youth fellowship, church gathering... all to glorify God.

So I asked myself... that ridiculous prayer I prayed to __________ (win the lottery, get a raise, get a new car, magically lose weight, make my children succeed...) all of which were not answered, I wondered to myself...

Did I ask for these things as a mean to glorify God, or myself?

Well, that question was simple to answer, it was for myself, I shamefully confess. I didn't ask for a better vehicle so that I could pick up extra kids for youth group. I want a nicer car than the one I have.

I didn't ask to lose weight to be healthier and more fit to participate in more activities, I simply wanted to be prettier.

I didn't ask to win the lottery to build an orphanage for children, I just didn't want to have to worry about finances anymore.

It's time to make over my prayers...


  1. I love prayer of late has been for Him to empty me of me...and fill me up with more of HIM!!!