Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Humps

3 weeks ago I was getting out of the shower and saw a towel fuzzy on my R breast... I went to brush the fuzz off and I felt something weird. So I felt my breast again, than I felt my left breast to see if it felt the same way. It did not. I stood in the bathroom for at least 15 minutes feeling, poking, prodding trying to digest what in the world I was feeling. 
When I finally emerged from the bathroom, I said to Hubby "I need you to feel my breasts" I got the strangest look from him, but he complied. "Do you feel it?" He looked at me and said  "Your making a Dr appt first thing tomorrow morning" I didn't disagree.
That next morning, I called an OBGYN and made an appt for and annual check up and mentioned my recent discovery. First available appt was in 2 weeks. Everyday leading up to my appt I would wake up and check to see if the lump was still there. Then I'd check again, and again and again everyday. About 30 times a day.

Appt Day! Finally! I was hoping I'd go in, and the Dr would say "Oh That? Silly girl, that's just a "whatever" no need to worry" Instead she said "I am scheduling you for a diagnosgtic mammogram" and I have to wait another 2 weeks. This time, time is not passing by quickly. I am completely freaking myself out, going on to web md and cancer.org. I need to STAY AWAY from those sites.

To add to the torture I have been VERY selective as to who I've told about this. Because, my little sister is getting married this weekend, I don't want any of her much deserved attention diverted away from her. I figure, I don't know anything yet, so if I'm fine then there is no sense in worrying everyone, and if it is something... then we will have plenty of time to worry after the wedding.
My appt is monday, May 14th at 3pm - feel free to send up prayers for my health.

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  1. will be praying....for peace....clean bill of health..etc...etc...etc....